Portrait: J.Sodela, Barista.

February 2024

Source : Vannes Mag – Janvier Février 2024 – N°143 – Barista, son latte art fait mousse

A latte art adorned with a tulip, seahorse, or dragon atop a café au lait is the “wow effect” sought by Jonald Sodela. The 28-year-old, crowned as the super barista in 2020, secured the sixth position in the 2023 latte art competition in France and is now aiming for the world championship.

A beautiful chrome espresso machine sits prominently in the kitchen, accompanied by the sounds of grinding beans, bubbling, flowing water, and dissipating steam. The aroma of coffee quickly fills the room.

On the cup, a lovely flower incorporated into an ultra-comforting milk foam. Jonald Sodela is a barista, somewhat akin to a coffee sommelier. While he hones his expertise in coffee roasting and preparation, his specialty lies in latte art – the skill of creating designs with milk.

“Beyond the refined aesthetic aspect of the Ace machine designed by Conti, it stands out for its pleasant usability and easy maintenance. Indeed, each of its features allows me to achieve optimal quality in coffee preparation and latte art creation. I had the privilege of being the very first barista to experience this machine, and I want to express my deep gratitude to Columbus Café & Conti for this gift.”

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