Dual Fuel

CC100 SA|SAM Dual Fuel

CC100 Machine

Efficient &

At the core of our dual fuel range, our semi-automatic machine models allows the user to craft perfect coffee without reliance on electricity alone.

Whilst maintaining many of the fantastic benefits offered by the core CC100 range, these dual fuel machines give greater flexibility to mobile operators and gas reliant markets alike.

With the ability to operate utilising LPG or Butane, with manual and automatic filling, the ability to specify your perfect dual fuel machine partner is vast.

Conti Proprietry Gas Heating

Experience exceptional extraction and consistent temperature from our own dual fuel heating system. Control by thermostat, our technology is simple to operate and maintain, giving long life and hassle free use.
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Exceptional Build Quality

Constructed entirely from the finest raw materials, our full metal construction ensures ultimate reliability and longevity through years of development and proven track record. We have given priority to ease of maintenance by reducing excess serviceable parts and finishing our handmade copper boilers with removable end plates to aid regular descaling.
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Increased Capacity and Flexibility

Optimised boiler sizes to help increase the machines capacity and offer more flexibility. Auto and Manual fill options, giving the user further control of perfect machine management and offering numerous solutions despite the mobile set up.

Additional Features

Semi-automatic dosing by switch (start/stop)

DUAL pressure gauge (Boiler and pump pressure)

Two steam wands and one hot water

icon grey water level

Glass water level of the boiler

Please download the product sheet for full details of all configurations.