Ethos & Values

Nestled quietly in a small corner of historic Monaco, our small but perfectly formed factory has been producing hand-crafted espresso machines since 1956.
Our privately owned and operated business has been synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability for more than 65 years.

We combine our obsession for hand-crafted manufacturing with a genuine passion for innovation and fantastic coffee, making us one of the rising stars of the espresso machine world.

We are a key player in our own domestic market and have tripled our production over the past ten years. We now operate three strategically located manufacturing facilities, ensuring a sustainable future for our company, not only in our domestic market, but also on an international scale.

70% of all production is now exported globally, we work tirelessly to fulfil demand and exceed expectations in each of the regions in which we operate. We work closely with our local, long-term partners, ensuring that the management of our supply chain and our product portfolio matches each individual market’s needs.

Our diverse and comprehensive range of espresso machines ensures that we have the perfect solution for every customer, regardless of the circumstance or environment, be they independent coffee roasters, equipment suppliers, national hospitality chains or corporate clients.

Our Core Values

Family – We work together as one to achieve our goals

Passion – We craft our machines from the finest raw materials

Knowledge – We embrace tried and tested skills and techniques

Excellence – We have an obsessive attention to detail in everything we do

Sustainability – We are responsible and committed to building a better future

Service – We listen and respond to the needs of our customers and partners

Innovation – We constantly challenge ourselves, seeking to improve and evolve