Professional Espresso accessories

Do more with your machine

Conti offers a wide range of branded products improving your work comfort and increasing the performances of your equipment.

  • Trivalent kit :
    Adaptable on our Conti machines, allows three coffee making methods :
    Coffee in PODS.
    Coffee in capsules.
    Traditional ground coffee

  • Knockout drawer :
    Stainless steel, easily handles a grinder on top and has a removable tray for easy cleaning.

  • Tamper :
    Diameter 58 mm, with stainless steel tip and ergonomic handle, to allow a good compaction of the grind.

  • Competition filter and shower :
    Manufactured using high-tech methods to optimize the extraction of coffee

  • Bottomless porter filter :
    To allow you to see the coffee extraction.

  • Stainless steel jugs :
    For milk texturing.

  • Cleaning tablets :
    Developped according to specifications established by Conti. It allows you to easily clean the coffee groups using the cleaning program set in the software of Conti machines.

  • An elegant range of aprons and towels embroidered "Conti"

  • The espresso and cappuccino branded cups and large saucers to serve coffee with delicious biscuits or chocolates along with your coffee