The Conti X-One TCI machine

Intuitive &

Perfecting espresso extraction takes time, skill, and knowledge, with the fully automated TT388 you can fast track this and create incredible drinks at the touch of a button.
Built upon years of development, the latest version of this machine, refines every feature to make it more user friendly and advanced than ever.
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Full Colour TFT Touchscreen and New Look

Utilising the latest touch technology, this screen allows the user to navigate up to 24 drinks options easily and intuitively, perfect for the self-service environment. The clarity and flexibility of this technology allows you to upload your own imagery and advertising messages, all easily and quickly uploaded via a USB port. Shrouded in either Matt white or Matt black panels, highlighted with backlit Conti logos and variable colour LED side lights, the modern TT has a truly striking aesthetic.
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Hot Milk Emulsion Technology

Our multi part milk foam system generates perfect texture every time, glossy, luxurious and consistent, be it for latte, flat white or cappuccino. We have combined this latest technology with a simplified milk spout and easy to clean system, ensuring hassle free use and lack of down time.
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Exacting Espresso Extraction

By separating the generation of steam and coffee water, the TT388 offers incredible temperature stability and performance. Precise PID controlled boilers, coupled with a larger and more efficient brewing chamber to accept up to 20 grams of ground coffee, the quality of extraction is remarkable.

Additional Features

Height adjustable coffee dispenser – Allowing the use of taller take away cups.

icon grey precision

Adjustable pre-infusion

Icon grey touch

Easy access to key parts – Faster maintenance, less downtime

Fully ventilated chassis – To create perfect airflow around
components for increased life cycle.

Seperate countertop fridge and cup warmer units available

icon grey temperature

Hot water outlet – Dose adjustable hot water with mixer temperature control.

icon grey settings

Diagnostics – With coffee counters and fault reports stats easily accessed.