Salons 2018

- WOC Amsterdam - Juin 2018

- EQUIP'HOTEL Paris - Novembre 2018

- SIRHA Lyon - Janvier 2019

London Coffee festival

Back on London Coffee festival 

this year, Conti presented our handmade coffee machine made in Monaco, that attracted famous personalities from the coffee world. It was a pleasure for us to disclose our future machine, with its atypical design and manual piston system. The newborn of Conti had a conclusive start, and kept its promises for the future. At the LCF, we had the pleasure to welcome, Mr Dhan Tamang UK latte art champion, on our booth to play with the new machine. 

LCF festival was the ideal opportunity to show innovations. Innovation is the main mission of Conti : this new limited edition aims at always providing the best coffee experience to our Conti lovers.The objective of Conti is to share its know-how in terms of the coffee extraction and but also to show the evolution in the design of machines. 

Soon, at the coming WOC Budapest, you will be able to discover in action, the newborn of Conti. This machine will fully ignite your senses. A true rebirth for the Conti brand, this machine is much more than a coffee machine, it is an art of living and a self statement. 

If you want to have a coffee made by a machine that has a story… you can be assured to see us at WOC Budapest and next year at LCF to continue to write the story. Together.